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Got A Minute? Dr. Tom Here – Watch Question the Answer

www.musclemediaonline.com Dr. Tom Here, Got A Minute? I was talking to one of my patients the other day, and he said, “You know, I’ve finally figured...

Triceps Exercise: Three Triceps Movements You Aren’t Doing

“The settler, the village blacksmith, the lumberjack, the carpenter and builder all needed powerful arms to ply their trade well, and, in time, those...
home exercise

Home Exercise Equipment

Have you ever wanted to avoid the time and hassle of driving to the gym? You might consider working out in the comfort of...

Why Changing Up Your Workout Split is Essential to Muscle Growth

For all the lifters out there, I want you to ask yourself; "when did I begin my current workout split"? Did you create your...
Workout Plan

Workout Plan for Muscle Growth – 4 Week Fast Track to MAXIMUM MASS

If you want to pack on maximum mass in a hurry and you’re willing to take on a lot of hard work, read on! By: Luke...