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Amino Acid Arginine - Muscle Media

Amino Acid Arginine

By Muscle Media Amino acid arginine is an essential amino acid. It is present in the proteins of all life forms.  It is classified as...

No Partner? No Problem! Train Alone and Succeed!

Having someone to work out with can be both motivating and productive. Hearing that voice to encourage you to get one or two more...

Cortisol – The Misunderstood Hormone

Cortisol has firmly established itself as one of the bad guys in the hormonal world. However, in the right amount and at the right...

Hexagon Bar VS Straight Bar Deadlift

The deadlift exercise is commonly performed to develop strength and power, and activated muscles of the legs, back, hips, abdominals, arms, and delts. One...

Chinese herbal remedies

By Muscle Media The practice of Chinese Medicine dated as far back as 300BCE.   The point of reference of Chinese herbal remedies was the Yellow...