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fad diets

The 5 Signs of a Fad Diet

A fad diets is any diet plan or aid that aims to reduce one's weight, usually in an unrealistically short time. Fad diets attract susceptible people who suffer with weight  problems. They desperately seek shortcuts to achieving a shapely physique. A common problem with fad diets is that the fat-reducing...
Increase Flexibility

Increase Flexibility: Anterior Flexibility Highway

Increase Flexibility: A Pathway to Improved Reaching The Anterior Flexibility Highway By Chuck Wolf, MS This the first of a six-part series outlining the biomechanical and kinesiological...

Swimsuits & Scenery – Top 10 Spring Break Locations

The snow has melted and the days are warming up. You have worked hard these past few months and it’s time to show off...
Nitric Oxide

Want to boost your levels of Nitric Oxide? Just Say N.O.

Nitric oxide (NO) has led a revolution in physiology and pharmacology research during the last two decades. Nitric oxide is the popular name for...

Running- When it comes to Physical fitness… Running Falls Short

By Joseph Palumbo, IFBB PRO There is a misconception that being able to run a marathon or 1.5 miles within 8 minutes entitles you to...