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BROSCIENCE: Giving Fasted Cardio the Finger

BROSCIENCE: SEEMS LEGIT No facts. No research. Sounds good though. Let's debunk a common myth... Giving fasted cardio the finger By Brandon Lirio I’ve always been told that to...
Flexing Muscles

Will Flexing make you Bigger? Posing for Muscle Growth

Flexing Muscles: The science of muscle growth has changed dramatically in the last year.  No longer can you say that the only way to...

TOP 10 Bodybuilding Supplements to Gain Muscle and Lose Bodyfat

googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1483471043393-1'); }); There are hundreds of products on the market, but we have narrowed the list down to the top 10...

Steak Recipe for: The Perfect Steak

Steak Recipe for: The Perfect Steak By: Matthew Tiger Make a Restaurant Quality or better steak at home! I define the perfect steak as having a crispy charred...

Got A Minute? Dr. Tom Here – Fix the Problem, Forget the Blame

Muscle Media® www.musclemediaonline.com Dr. Tom Here, Got A Minute? You know, back in my basic training when I was getting into counseling and psychotherapy, we did couples...