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detox diet

Detox Diet: Start Clean

The Detox Diet is extraordinarily popular. Most of the medical establishment does not agree with the premise, citing that our livers and kidneys are all we...
Deadlift - Muscle Media Magazine

3 Moves to Improve Your Deadlift

By Roger Lockridge Much like the bench press is the ultimate test of upper body power for most general lifters and the squat is the...
Get Back on your Feet with Ankle Physical Therapy - Muscle Media

Get Back on your Feet with Ankle Physical Therapy

By Muscle Media The ankle bears the weight of our body making it highly prone to injuries. Indeed, one of the most common injuries to...

Spot Reduction – Why You Can’t Tone Up Specific Body Parts

“Spot Reduction” is the belief that fat can be targeted for reduction from a specific area of the body. This is a common belief...
Dr Tom Pay Attentionvideo

Got A Minute? Dr. Tom Here- Pay Attention

Dr. Tom Here, Got A Minute? I was talking to my students the other day, and I was teaching a motivation class. They said, “Doc,...