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Fitness Clutter – Polish Up Your Routine to Maximize Your Gains

While many of us realize the benefits of a good deep cleaning for our house, how many of us consider how helpful a little...
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Fitness Can Save Your Life

By Muscle Media   Being physically active can literally save your life!   Being fit can affect every aspect of your life, not just your physical health. ...

Are You Doing the Right Exercises to Build A Bigger Chest?

Pullovers Good for Building a Big Chest... Think Again The dumbbell pullover was one of Arnold’s favorite exercises that he prescribed for building a big...
Muscle & Strength

Do you want BIGGER Gains in Muscle & Strength?

Lifters who Change Their Weekly Workout Have Bigger Gains in Muscle & Strength. If you look at the training regimen of great bodybuilders like Ronnie...

Want to Lose Fat? Why You Don’t Need 6 Small Meals a Day

Will eating 4, 5, or 6 small meals a day help you lose weight? Will you do just as well with 2-3 larger ones? by...