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proteins Eating-Raw-Plant-Proteins-and-Nutrients-as-Opposed-to-Cooked-Animal-Muscle-Media

Eating Raw Plant Proteins and Nutrients as Opposed to Cooked Animal

By Muscle Media When people think of protein, the word "meat" usually springs to mind. We were always told that a steak or chicken or...

New Year: Don’t Think About Next Year. Finish This One Strong!

BY ROGER LOCKRIDGE As the Holiday season approaches, we typically think about the big dinner with all the fixings first. Then, our attention is devoted...

Intermittent Fasting – Time-Restricted Feeding for Muscle Gains & Fat Loss

Let’s face it; dieting sucks and everyone is looking for a solution to make life easier when it comes to cutting calories. The newest...
cooking 10-Great-Quick-Cooking-Tips-Muscle-Media

10 Great Quick Cooking Tips

By Muscle Media   If you’re as busy as most people, you’re always looking for convenient, fast, nutritious, yet not-too-expensive ways for cooking. It’s possible, with...

Single Dads, 8 Dating Rules

By Muscle Media The problem with recently divorced single parents is that are waiting too long to start dating again, complaining they are oh, so...