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superset training

The Science of Superset Training

Train like Arnold: The Science of Superset Training: The Austrian Oak, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s chest was a whopping 58 inches in his prime! It was...

The Adverse Effects of Whey Protein Supplementation

By Muscle Media A few years ago, scientific studies have shown that through increasing the daily dose of protein specifically derived from dairy products can...
Workout Enhancer A Daily Fix of Dopamine-Muscle Media

Workout Enhancer: A Daily “Fix” of Dopamine

By Joseph Palumbo Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in the brain necessary for feelings of pleasure and happiness.  Many studies have shown that we are constantly...

Do More Work in Less Time – Crucial Tips to Maintain Your Gains

Don’t have much time to train? These 4 tips can give you a more effective session in a smaller amount of time, it just...

Leucine Increases IGF-1 in Muscle

The branched-chain amino acid L-Leucine appears to be the primary nutritional regulator of muscle protein synthesis via direct activation of the nutrient-sensitive mTORC1 signaling...