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3 Hour Dieting

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BURPEES: Love Them, Hate Them, Do Them

By Megan Johnson McCullough Everyone’s favorite exercise….NOT! Even though we hate them, there’s plenty of reason to love them. They burn some serious calories. They’re...

Transforming Fitness: Yesterday and Today

By Joseph Palumbo The entire fitness industry is changing rapidly. Yes, there are still a new detoxes, cleanses, weight loss pills, or exercise gadgets promising...
equipment Exercise-Equipment-Options-Muscle-Media

Exercise Equipment Options

By Muscle Media   If the CPU is considered to be the brain of the computer, then the heart is its’ counterpart in the human body....

Eric Broser: Magician of Physique Transformation

Careers in the physique industry take many roads, although they usually start on a bodybuilding stage. Eric Broser’s right turn into coaching occurred early,...

To Drink or Not To Drink – Alcohol And Exercise

It’s Friday afternoon and you’re leaving work. You may be thinking about going out. You might have a few drinks with friends, just to relax and...