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spot reduce Why-You-Can't-Spot-Reduce-Muscle-Media

Why You Can’t “Spot Reduce”

By Muscle Media People have problem areas. Even people, who have achieved their ideal body weight, will still have problem areas. It could be the...

Beginner Workout: Bodyweight Circuit

By: Roger Lockridge Everyone who gets into a sport or fitness has one common goal. They want to be in control of their body. Whether...
reverse lunge Reverse-Lunge-to-Shape-Your-Legs-and-Tone-Your-Butt-Muscle-Media

Reverse Lunge to Shape Your Legs and Tone Your Butt

By Muscle Media   You can shape your legs, tone your butt and build functional strength with the Reverse Lunge. Lunges are an exceptional exercise for...

Musculoskeletal System – You Need to Keep Yours Healthy

Orthopedics 101: what makes up our musculoskeletal system? In order for our body to move, the joints, ligaments, and tendons must work together. If...
bodybuilding 4 day workout

Lose Body Fat to Increase Testosterone. Time to Diet.

Increase Testosterone Most bodybuilders know that certain vitamins such as Vitamin D and magnesium are essential to increase testosterone production, but if you are looking to...