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Think Protein is Protein? You Might Want to Think Again.

Although there is much disagreement about this topic, the truth of the matter is that there is not one type of protein powder that...

A Home Gym and Walking

A Great Exercise Program with walking By Muscle Media With the busy lifestyles today few adults with families can afford to take the time necessary to...

New Year: Don’t Think About Next Year. Finish This One Strong!

BY ROGER LOCKRIDGE As the Holiday season approaches, we typically think about the big dinner with all the fixings first. Then, our attention is devoted...

Fitness Journal: Track your Progress

Fitness Journal: Track your Progress: Keeping with the theme of “New Day, New Year, New You”, let me offer you another tactic you can...

Got A Minute? Dr. Tom Here – Watch Question the Answer

www.musclemediaonline.com Dr. Tom Here, Got A Minute? I was talking to one of my patients the other day, and he said, “You know, I’ve finally figured...