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Amino Acid in Blood - Muscle Media

Amino Acid in Blood

By Muscle Media The building blocks of the body are Amino acids. Certainly, they play a vital role in the construction of proteins which is...

Power yoga! The Ashtanga of the West

By Muscle Media   Power yoga! You’ve probably heard this name before, or you probably have engaged in this kind of practice yourself.  Whatever made you...
cramps Cramps-How-to-Deal-with-Them-Muscle-Media

Cramps, How to Deal with them

By Muscle Media   Muscle cramps are temporary contractions of the muscles that usually appear during, or shortly after, physical effort. The sensation is a strong,...
anti-aging Anti-aging-Skin-Care-Muscle-Media

Anti-aging Skin Care

By Muscle Media One of the most popular topics on skin care is “Anti-aging Skin Care” (AASC). As we get older, the natural defenses of...

The 1 Sneaky Ingredient Stopping Your Fat Loss

When it comes to weight gain, FAT is not the evil we were all taught to believe. There is another “evil” ingredient that is...