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Why Muscles Get Sore

By Muscle Media As people age, they begin to complain more of pains in their muscles and joints. They seem to stiffen up with age,...
pre workout

What’s in your Pre Workout? Components of Pre Workout Mixes

Are you trying to get that extra edge in the gym? A pre workout mix is a great means of supplementation to add energy...

Dealing with injuries: From Participant To Spectator

  Injuries: My View From The Sidelines BY DR. TOM FISHER One of the most common upper-body injuries suffered by bodybuilders is damage to the rotator cuff...
moms 4-Quick-Exercises-To-Keep-Busy-Moms-Strong-Muscle-Media

4 Quick Exercises To Keep Busy Moms Strong

By Muscle Media We all know how difficult it is to stay in shape and find time to exercise.  This is especially true for women...

Want a Faster Metabolism? Get More Sleep!

Do you want to increase metabolism? Get more sleep! Sleep Loss Lowers Metabolic Rate Sleep is one of the most neglected aspects of health for most...