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Skip the Scale! 4 Other Ways to Measure Progress in Your Fitness

The number on the scale isn’t as big of a deal as you might think it is. Read on for some alternate ways to...
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Meal Timing Myths- Why You Don’t Need Six Small Meals a Day

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The Strong Stomach Workout - Muscle Media

The Strong Stomach Workout

By Muscle Media When beginning an abdominal workout routine, for most people the goal is simple: a flatter stomach. While a smooth, flat stomach looks...

Tactical Training Tips: 9 Training Tactics to Stay Fit and Healthy

Tactical Training Tip 1 CORE STRENGTH Abdominal crunches are a classic core strength exercise: ONLY WHEN DONE CORRECTLY! Lie on your back and place your...

Triceps Exercise: Three Triceps Movements You Aren’t Doing

“The settler, the village blacksmith, the lumberjack, the carpenter and builder all needed powerful arms to ply their trade well, and, in time, those...