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Think Protein is Protein? You Might Want to Think Again.

Although there is much disagreement about this topic, the truth of the matter is that there is not one type of protein powder that...
Whey Protein

The Ultimate Guide to Whey Protein

Fat Loss, Muscle Building & Health Whey protein for fat loss, muscle building and health. If you're planning on going on a diet, there are...

Aquatic Physical Therapy

By Muscle Media Doesn’t water suggest life? Since the dawn of time, water has possessed an overflow of revitalizing healing properties. Water cleanses, purifies, soothes....
olive oil Olive-Oil-Health-Muscle-Media

Olive Oil, An Ancient Secret For Health

By Muscle Media   Scientists are always looking to the plant world to find medicinal and therapeutic secrets. Discoveries of natural compounds within the olive tree...
improve Mirror-to-Improve-Muscle-Media

Have a Long Look in the Mirror to Improve Yourself

By Muscle Media   Sometimes, when all our doubts, fears and insecurities mount up, we sometimes think that “I wish I were somebody else.” You wish...