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Aging and A Raw Diet

The Dieting Mind Set

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Increase Flexibility

Increase Flexibility: Anterior Flexibility Highway

Increase Flexibility: A Pathway to Improved Reaching The Anterior Flexibility Highway By Chuck Wolf, MS This the first of a six-part series outlining the biomechanical and kinesiological...
Helping Your Kids Lose Weight - Muscle media

Helping Your Kids Lose Weight

By Muscle Media If you want to help your teenage kids to lose weight, here are some tips that may prove helpful: 1. Make losing weight...

Going Keto? This Bacon Cheeseburger Soup is For You!

One of the biggest reasons people fail to stick to “diets”, if not the biggest reason, is that they don’t enjoy the food that...

Yoga Wear

By Muscle Media Today, this primordial religious practice that originated in India has already been brought to higher heights. You can see its incorporation with...

A beginner’s guide to creatine

WHAT IS CREATINE AND HOW DOES CREATINE WORK? By Justin Schwartz Simply, Creatine is an amino acid (building block of protein) that is found in foods...