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10 Key Elements of Human Performance

Over the past thirty-plus years I have been in Private Practice (sounds better than “three decades”, doesn’t it…?) I have been seeing primarily, athletes....

The Ultimate Guide to Losing Body Fat

It’s just about that time again when you are going to be hitting the beach and attending all the great summer pool...

DATING for DUMMIES: A Story of Love, Loss, Online Dating and Other Natural Disasters

DATING for DUMMIES: A story of love, loss, online dating and other natural disasters. By: Matthew Tiger I write this to share my trials and tribulations. This...
equipment Exercise-Equipment-Options-Muscle-Media

Exercise Equipment Options

By Muscle Media   If the CPU is considered to be the brain of the computer, then the heart is its’ counterpart in the human body....
acid Get-Acid-Alkali-Balance-Right-on-Raw-Food-Diet-Muscle-Media

Get Acid-Alkali Balance Right on Raw Food Diet

By Muscle Media In this article you will learn why too much acid in your diet can be bad for you. And how to avoid...