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How Champion Russian Weightlifters Train

What you can learn from the most powerful athletes in the world By Kim Goss, MS, Poliquin Group™ In the world of weightlifting, many countries have...
stability ball Training-With-a-Stability-Ball-Muscle-Media

Training With a Stability Ball

  By Muscle Media   If there is one piece of equipment you should include in your training, it’s the stability ball. The market features new training...
3 Hour Dieting - Muscle Media

3 Hour Dieting

By Muscle Media When it comes to the world of dieting you will find that there are many diet, weight loss, and fitness plans on...
Bench Press - Muscle Media Magazine

3 Exercises You Should Do for a Stronger Bench

By Roger Lockridge There are many reasons people get into fitness and one of the most popular is to get stronger. There is something about...

Exercise Warm Up: Clean Up Your Warm-Up for Fresh New Gains

It stands to reason, that if your warm-up sucks, so will your workout. This article aims to clean up the process, raise your chances...