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detox diet

Detox Diet: Start Clean

The Detox Diet is extraordinarily popular. Most of the medical establishment does not agree with the premise, citing that our livers and kidneys are all we...

Treadmills Exercise Equipment

By Muscle Media For most people, running or walking is the best type of exercise. For this reason, exercise equipment treadmills are still the most...
Allergy to Whey Protein - Muscle Media

Allergy to Whey Protein

By Muscle Media There are some people who develop allergy to whey protein, or any other food products that contain milk. Otherwise known as lactose...

BROSCIENCE: Giving Fasted Cardio the Finger

BROSCIENCE: SEEMS LEGIT No facts. No research. Sounds good though. Let's debunk a common myth... Giving fasted cardio the finger By Brandon Lirio I’ve always been told that to...
lifestyle Time-To-Make-A-Change-Muscle-Media

Time To Make A Lifestyle Change

By Dr. Tom Fisher Obesity appears to be an on-going problem in American lifestyle.  Diet and exercise are the usual recommendations to address the consequences.  Yet,...