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Will Training Arms Twice a Week Increase Muscle Growth?

There is much debate on the strength training variables most responsible for improvements in lean mass and strength. Some bodybuilders such as Ronnie Coleman...

Back to Class? Gain Muscle and Knowledge This School Year

Don’t let classes stop you from making progress this fall! By Roger Lockridge When you’re preparing to go back to school and start another year, there’s...
six small meals

Meal Timing Myths- Why You Don’t Need Six Small Meals a Day

The latest research on meal frequency and body composition, which set out to answer that very question, has just been published . This wasn’t...
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Lose Body Fat to Increase Testosterone. Time to Diet.

Increase Testosterone Most bodybuilders know that certain vitamins such as Vitamin D and magnesium are essential to increase testosterone production, but if you are looking to...
5 Stretch Starter Plan - Muscle Media Magazine

5 Stretch Starter Plan

Being flexible is vital for athletes in sports as well as anyone else who focuses on fitness. If your body is tight then you...