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3 Hour Dieting

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Eating White Rice? Makes Sense for Bodybuilders!

By Joseph Palumbo | IFBB PRO BODYBUILDER Hard training expends precious muscle glycogen to fuel your workout, while simultaneously elevating levels of the catabolic hormone;...
resistance Staying-Fit-After-40-with-Resistance-Exercise-Muscle-Media

Staying Fit After 40 with Resistance Exercise

By Muscle Media Have you ever noticed how people who don’t exercise still have a look of “fullness” in their arms, legs and chests when...
weights Free-Weights-vs-Machine-Exercise-Muscle-Media

Free Weights vs. Machine Exercise

By Muscle Media   Something to keep in mind is that when you exercise, you are training for life.  Although you may spend an hour a...
Workout Plan

Workout Plan for Muscle Growth – 4 Week Fast Track to MAXIMUM MASS

If you want to pack on maximum mass in a hurry and you’re willing to take on a lot of hard work, read on! By: Luke...

Creatine. Creatine. Creatine. Top 3 Facts You Need to Know!

CREATINE FACTS: CREATINE MEN VS WOMEN Women usually have lower creatinine levels compared to men because women have less muscle tissue. Among adults without kidney disease,...