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Allergy to Whey Protein - Muscle Media

Allergy to Whey Protein

By Muscle Media There are some people who develop allergy to whey protein, or any other food products that contain milk. Otherwise known as lactose...
improve Mirror-to-Improve-Muscle-Media

Have a Long Look in the Mirror to Improve Yourself

By Muscle Media   Sometimes, when all our doubts, fears and insecurities mount up, we sometimes think that “I wish I were somebody else.” You wish...

Train Like a Competitor – Jesse James’ Bodybuilding Competition Program

By Jesse James, Nationally Qualified NPC Men’s Physique Competitor So, you’ve been going to the gym for a few years now. You no longer consider yourself...

All About The Best Stomach Exercises

By Muscle Media It is only natural, most people want to look their best. And exercising their stomach muscles is usually a huge part of...
breathing Breathing-an-Important-Factor-in-Fitness-Muscle-Media

Breathing – an Important Factor in Fitness

By Muscle Media   With the possible exception of pearl divers, who dive without any supplemental equipment, breathing counts in all sports as well as fitness....