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Whey Protein

The Ultimate Guide to Whey Protein

Fat Loss, Muscle Building & Health Whey protein for fat loss, muscle building and health. If you're planning on going on a diet, there are...
fad diets

The 5 Signs of a Fad Diet

A fad diets is any diet plan or aid that aims to reduce one's weight, usually in an unrealistically short time. Fad diets attract susceptible people who suffer with weight  problems. They desperately seek shortcuts to achieving a shapely physique. A common problem with fad diets is that the fat-reducing...

Workout Beginners: Expecting So Much in So Little Time

Attention workout beginners: All of this does not happen after one week of training.  The actual time frame in which you can expect to...
Generation Iron

Generation Iron: The Future is Now

When Vlad Yudin’s documentary Generation Iron released in theaters in September 2013, it enjoyed the biggest opening of a documentary that year in the...

Intermittent Fasting – Time-Restricted Feeding for Muscle Gains & Fat Loss

Let’s face it; dieting sucks and everyone is looking for a solution to make life easier when it comes to cutting calories....