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pituitary gland

Pituitary Gland: Talk About a Napoleon Complex

By Megan Johnson McCullough; NASM Master Trainer and Instructor and Professional Natural Bodybuilder   Right at the base of the brain, behind the bridge of the...

Chinese herbal remedies

By Muscle Media The practice of Chinese Medicine dated as far back as 300BCE. The point of reference of Chinese herbal remedies was the Yellow...
anti-aging Anti-aging-Skin-Care-Muscle-Media

Anti-aging Skin Care

By Muscle Media One of the most popular topics on skin care is “Anti-aging Skin Care” (AASC). As we get older, the natural defenses of...
Increase Flexibility

Increase Flexibility: Anterior Flexibility Highway

Increase Flexibility: A Pathway to Improved Reaching The Anterior Flexibility Highway By Chuck Wolf, MS This the first of a six-part series outlining the biomechanical and kinesiological...

A 20-Minute Home Workout

By Muscle Media It’s always a challenge to find the necessary time to work out. Here is a brief 20-minute workout routine that you can...