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Meal Plan

Hardcore Diet Plan – 12 Weeks to a Cut and Ripped Physique

This meal plan is designed for a 200 pounder looking to cut and look shredded. WARNING: THIS IS ONLY FOR SERIOUS AND DEDICATED PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES...
Cardio Exercise - Muscle Media

Cardio Exercise

By Muscle Media Everyone has wondered at some point in time which cardio exercise is better. To put it in simple terms, both low and...
Osiris Prieto

Osiris Prieto: Staying the Course & In Shape

Osiris Prieto had one slam-bang year in 2015, and 2016 could just bring the icing on the cake. The 5’6” Cuban-born, Miami-bred mother of...

Train Like an Olympian: The Olympian Workout Body Shock Program

The Olympian Workout Body-Shock Program for Muscle and Strength Gains Most bodybuilders follow the same workout day in and day out. They have a routine...
dieting Quick-And-Healthy-Dieting-Tips-Muscle-Media

Quick & Healthy Dieting Tips

Muscle Media   When it comes to dieting, you’ll find all kinds of crazy and faddish diets on the market. There seems to be every kind...