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meditation Meditation-101-yoda-Muscle-Media

Yoda Would Be Proud: Meditation 101

By Muscle Media   Meditation refers to a state where your body is consciously relaxed and your mind focused.  Practitioners of this art report increased awareness,...

A Primer of Essential Amino Acids

By Muscle Media   Amino acids play vital roles in the numerous functions of the body. They are the building block of protein. The body needs...
exercise Exercise-is-Crucial-When-You-Work-at-Home-Muscle-Media

Exercise is Crucial When You Work at Home

By Muscle Media When you work at home you will find yourself often "tied" to a desk, sitting on your "rump" for hours at a...

Niacin (or Vitamin B3)

By Muscle Media The following article is not meant to serve as a dietary prescription. Be sure to consult with your doctor before beginning any...
leucine Leucine Increases IGF-1 in Muscle

Leucine Increases IGF-1 in Muscle

The branched-chain amino acid L-Leucine appears to be the primary nutritional regulator of muscle protein synthesis via direct activation of the nutrient-sensitive mTORC1 signaling...