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Developing a Strong Core

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Push up Workout: Drop and Give Me 20!

By Joe Palumbo IFBB Professional Bodybuilder During his 30-plus years on television, the Late Jack LaLanne regularly demonstrated proper push-up technique and wowed us with feats...
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Exercise Videos At Home

By Muscle Media These days, there are a lot of people purchasing exercise videos and to say the least; there are plenty to choose from....
10 Reasons to Eat Raw Foods - Muscle Media

10 Reasons to Eat Raw Foods

By Muscle Media Prehistoric man learned thousands of years ago that it was a good idea to eat meat that was cooked, rather than raw....
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Summer Fitness For Busy Women: 4 Quick Tips For Bikini Time

By Muscle Media   It’s summer time, and the living is easy, except when you have to think about putting on an itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-yellow-polka-dot bikini! But don’t...

Physical Therapy Exercises

By Muscle Media The procedures of physical therapy are diverse. It combines a variety of methods and techniques. Yet all in all, the process would...