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Cardio Exercise - Muscle Media

Cardio Exercise

By Muscle Media Everyone has wondered at some point in time which cardio exercise is better. To put it in simple terms, both low and...

Processed Foods: Some Things Aren’t Meant to be Preserved

By Megan Johnson McCullough We live in a world that operates at a fast pace, turning convenience and time efficiency into priorities. We have learned...

Got A Minute? Dr. Tom Here – Fix the Problem, Forget the Blame

Muscle Media® www.musclemediaonline.com Dr. Tom Here, Got A Minute? You know, back in my basic training when I was getting into counseling and psychotherapy, we did couples...
Vegan Alternatives To Gelatin - Muscle Media

Vegan Alternatives To Gelatin

By Muscle Media Gelatin serves both nutritional and culinary roles in non-vegetarian diets. However, a lot of vegetarians and all vegans do not consume gelatin...
leucine Leucine Increases IGF-1 in Muscle

Leucine Increases IGF-1 in Muscle

The branched-chain amino acid L-Leucine appears to be the primary nutritional regulator of muscle protein synthesis via direct activation of the nutrient-sensitive mTORC1 signaling...