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Back to Class? Gain Muscle and Knowledge This School Year

Don’t let classes stop you from making progress this fall! By Roger Lockridge When you’re preparing to go back to school and start another year, there’s...
detox diet

Detox Diet: Start Clean

The Detox Diet is extraordinarily popular. Most of the medical establishment does not agree with the premise, citing that our livers and kidneys are all we...
holidays kickboxing getting back on track

Holidays Over? 5 Steps to Get Back on Track ASAP!

By Roger Lockridge The holidays are meant to be enjoyed without any regret. You spent time with loved ones,...

Is a Small Social Network the Key to Fitness Success?

There’s been a debate that has taken over the world of sports in the last five years or so. Who is the greatest basketball...

Enhancing Recovery with Creatine

Enhancing recovery between workouts is a relatively common topic of discussion. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), temporarily hindered performance, and even general fatigue are...