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Have a Long Look in the Mirror to Improve Yourself

By Muscle Media   Sometimes, when all our doubts, fears and insecurities mount up, we sometimes think that “I wish I were somebody else.” You wish...

Fitness Clutter – Polish Up Your Routine to Maximize Your Gains

While many of us realize the benefits of a good deep cleaning for our house, how many of us consider how helpful a little...

Getting Active Together With The Kids

By Muscle Media   Studies have shown that only one-fourth of us get the 30 minutes of exercise each day the Surgeon General recommends. Sedentary children...
3 Things That Can Save You When You Don’t Know What To Say - Muscle Media

3 Things That Can Save You When You Don’t Know What To Say

You are dating a beautiful but a shy girl or one that is not a talkie. You have already talked about your hobbies, your...

Aerobic vs Anaerobic Exercise: It Comes Down to Oxygen

By Megan Johnson McCullough When exercise takes place, we move our bodies with the intention of bettering our health. There are many different ways to...