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Exercise With Arthritis

5 Stretch Starter Plan

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lifestyle Time-To-Make-A-Change-Muscle-Media

Time To Make A Lifestyle Change

By Dr. Tom Fisher Obesity appears to be an on-going problem in American lifestyle.  Diet and exercise are the usual recommendations to address the consequences.  Yet,...

Injuries… You Need to Know How to Avoid Them!

Through my 20+ years of training, I have had my share of injuries. With trial, error and experience, I have learned how to adapt...
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Hypnosis Weight Loss: Stop the “Weighting”

By Muscle Media   Controlling your weight and avoiding future weight gain as we age are important. These are ways to prevent a host of weight-related...

BROSCIENCE: Giving Fasted Cardio the Finger

BROSCIENCE: SEEMS LEGIT No facts. No research. Sounds good though. Let's debunk a common myth... Giving fasted cardio the finger By Brandon Lirio I’ve always been told that to...
pre workout

What’s in your Pre Workout? Components of Pre Workout Mixes

Are you trying to get that extra edge in the gym? A pre workout mix is a great means of supplementation to add energy...