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Workout Plan: The Five by Five 12-Week Workout

Arm Exercise - Muscle Media

Arm Exercise!

By Muscle Media Whether you want to tone and define weak arms so that you can wear something sleeveless with confidence or you want to...
seniors Seniors-Mini-Guide-To-Safer-Fitness-Muscle-Media

Seniors: Mini Guide To Safer Fitness

By Muscle Media   “No Pain, No Gain” is not a good rule for senior health and fitness!  For seniors who already have pain they are...

6 Tasty High Protein Toast Recipes That Will Pack on the Muscle

By Abby Cronin It's an old favorite- buttered toast has been part of a classic breakfast for ages. While this simple staple used to be...

Why Women Over the Age of 50 Should Weight Train

With peri- and post- menopause, women will experience changes in their body shape, size and overall energy level. We can't avoid menopause, but with...