“Tools” For Picking-Up Girls

By Muscle Media We all know that approaching women isn't easy. It can be embarrassing and downright difficult. But, if you know what you are...

Ask the Expert: Q&A with Strength and Conditioning Coach Charles Staley

Q: I’ve been reading a lot lately about the benefits of low-bar squats (like what powerlifters use) — in particular I often see the claim...

Best Fats for Testosterone

Not all Fats are Equal. Best Fats for Testosterone. In the early 80’s and 90’s, low-fat diets were the mainstream way to lose weight. It was...

Lose Body Fat to Increase Testosterone. Time to Diet.

Increase Testosterone Most bodybuilders know that certain vitamins such as Vitamin D and magnesium are essential to increase testosterone production, but if you are looking to...

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Diabetes and Dieting

By Muscle Media Very few people realize the profound effect that weight has on diabetes. Even instances of gestational diabetes are much greater in patients...

Fast or Slow Rep Speed for Maximum Muscle

Fast or Slow Rep Speed for Maximum Muscle: Maximizing the muscle growth response to resistance training is thought to be best achieved by proper...
Amino Acid Therapy - Muscle Media

Amino Acid Therapy

By Muscle Media The contribution in the development of cerebral palsy focuses on potentially modifiable factors during the neonatal period. Studies revealed that it has...

A Vegan Speaks Out on Plant-Based Strength Training

Stop. Have you all gotten your exercise in for the day? Have you eaten ALL of your vegetables? Okay, I’ll stop! I didn’t come...
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Cramps, How to Deal with them

By Muscle Media   Muscle cramps are temporary contractions of the muscles that usually appear during, or shortly after, physical effort. The sensation is a strong,...