Whey Protein, Pros and Cons

By Muscle Media   Whether you are young or old, age is not a concern to obtain benefits from whey protein. This building block is valuable...

Daily Multivitamins – A Ticket to Health

By Muscle Media   An increasing number of the world’s population are now interested in looking after their health and keeping their well-being in tune. It...

Whey Protein Benefits

By Muscle Media Over the years, whey protein has slowly gained popularity. Popularity not only among body builders and athletes, but more importantly the large...

Workout Enhancer: A Daily “Fix” of Dopamine

By Joseph Palumbo Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in the brain necessary for feelings of pleasure and happiness.  Many studies have shown that we are constantly...

The Adverse Effects of Whey Protein Supplementation

By Muscle Media A few years ago, scientific studies have shown that through increasing the daily dose of protein specifically derived from dairy products can...

Acidophilus: A Probiotic Bacterium

By Muscle Media When we hear the word “bacteria” we automatically think negative about it.  After all, some bacteria really cause infections.  However, that negative...

Allergy to Whey Protein

By Muscle Media There are some people who develop allergy to whey protein, or any other food products that contain milk. Otherwise known as lactose...

Vegan Alternatives To Gelatin

By Muscle Media Gelatin serves both nutritional and culinary roles in non-vegetarian diets. However, a lot of vegetarians and all vegans do not consume gelatin...

What Are The Best Vitamins for Energy

By Muscle Media   Maintaining high natural energy can be hard even if you have a balanced diet, get enough sleep and exercise daily. Fortunately, there...

Benefits of Protein Powder

Protein powder is one of the most popular nutritional supplements on the market. This supplement is essential in building muscle and weight loss. Using...

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