Write For Us

    Exciting news…! We are actively expanding the scope of Muscle Media Magazine. In the past, we have been dedicated strictly to bodybuilding. We are expanding beyond the bench, and speak with authority about nutrition, specific workout regimens, rest & recovery, muscle fiber-specific training, intervals, etc. We will also address lifestyle issues and bodybuilding beyond the gym. The over-arching theme will be Performance Enhancement Education.

    Because of this expansion, we are actively seeking new contributors for our revised publication. While you may have had some modest exposure on other sites, we offer an expanded International audience. We, typically, publish an article with the authors’ name, a short bio (1-3 sentences), a link to the authors’ e-mail, AND a link back to their own website. In short, it has been, and will continue to be, a “win-win” for all involved.

    Remember, we would like to present a conversational tone to the writing. (I’m a University Professor, so I while I speak “pin-head” fluently, few others do…!) Accessible, conversational format backed by hard science and defensible facts is our purpose. We will be looking for articles of ~500-2000+ words. We will also welcome “shorts” of two-three paragraphs about a relevant “hot-topic” of interest for our “forum” section.

    Here’s the reason for my note. We are still looking for content for our next issues. Anything that might relate to potential changes that had been planned for the New Year would work. They may address nutritional supplements, specific workouts, pitfalls, biggest “bang-for-the-buck” exercises, biggest mistakes, “insider” tips, etc. The only concern is that we always have deadlines… If you could produce on short notice, I’d love to read your work (and, I’ll remember you’re working under pressure…!).

    This is an amazing opportunity for you to get some world-wide attention to your work and your Practice. I look forward to hearing from you, and to being able to meet you in person in the future. I also look forward to a long and profitable working relationship…!


    -Dr. Tom