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3 Hour Dieting

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Aquatic Physical Therapy

By Muscle Media Doesn’t water suggest life? Since the dawn of time, water has possessed an overflow of revitalizing healing properties. Water cleanses, purifies, soothes....

Hydration: The Overlooked Performance Enhancer

By Lora Chizmar In today’s era of supplements and performance research, people are constantly looking for the next big discovery that will give them a...

Freeze Fat Away – Can You Freeze your Way to a Better Body?

Can you freeze fat away? Ray Cronise, a former materials scientist at NASA, now spends much of his time researching the benefits of cold...
amino acids Amino-Acids-that-Promote-Growth-Muscle-Media

Amino Acids that Promote Growth

  By Muscle Media Hormones for development are released by the pituitary gland in the brain. It is responsible for enhancing muscles, burning fats and immune...

Training Frequency & Muscle Gains: More is Not Necessarily Better!

BY Alexander Boivin, MS Most people who train for muscle gains use a very common training template. Each body part is specifically trained at low...