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Are you Sleeping Enough? Better Sleep for Increased Muscle Growth!

Sleep is one of the most neglected aspects of health for most athletes. Not getting a good night’s sleep can not only affect performance...
Short Term Side Effects of Atkins Diet - Muscle Media

Short Term Side Effects of Atkins Diet

By Muscle Media Probably you’ve heard and read about Atkins diet, unless you’ve been living on Mars.  You probably have tried it yourself, or you...

BCAA Diet – Maintain Lean Muscle Mass with BCAA Supplementation

14 Grams of BCAA’s Maintains Lean Muscle Mass while on A Cutting Dieting Branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) supplementation has been shown to increase protein synthesis and decrease muscle...
Mind Muscle Control

Mind Muscle Control for Muscle Growth… True or False?

Mind Muscle Control - If you have ever watched the classic bodybuilding movie, “Pumping Iron”, Arnold mentions that he would visualize the muscle growing....
Green Tea

Green Tea for Fat Loss – The Power of Polyphenols

Tea, particularly green tea, offers many health benefits, such as protecting against several types of cancer and cardiovascular disease and improved immune system response....