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Be SMART With Your Goals – Pursuing Mastery (Part I)

By Dr. Thomas Fisher, PhD, LMHC, CSCS Here, at the start of a New Year, I am often asked about what would be considered “reasonable” goals for...

Dangerous Scale

By Ryan Johnson Most people who are trying to lose weight often become frustrated by the number that is displayed on the scale. Weight scale as...

Workout Plan: The Five by Five 12-Week Workout

Sit Ups

Are Sit Ups the Best Exercise for a Flat Stomach?

Most women think that to get a slim and sexy stomach, they need to increase the number of sit-ups they do every day. Sit-ups...
cramps Cramps-How-to-Deal-with-Them-Muscle-Media

Cramps, How to Deal with them

By Muscle Media   Muscle cramps are temporary contractions of the muscles that usually appear during, or shortly after, physical effort. The sensation is a strong,...