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Freeze Fat Away – Can You Freeze your Way to a Better Body?

Can you freeze fat away? Ray Cronise, a former materials scientist at NASA, now spends much of his time researching the benefits of cold...

Got A Minute? Dr. Tom Here – Thoughts on Reaction

Dr. Tom Here, Got A Minute? I was talking to one of my young patients the other day, and he was talking about how he...
home exercise

Home Exercise Equipment

Have you ever wanted to avoid the time and hassle of driving to the gym? You might consider working out in the comfort of...
A Cholesterol-Free Lifestyle - Muscle Media

A Cholesterol-Free Lifestyle

By Muscle Media When it comes to lowering one’s cholesterol levels, it is a must that one changes his or her eating lifestyle. Cholesterol buildup...
Short Term Side Effects of Atkins Diet - Muscle Media

Short Term Side Effects of Atkins Diet

By Muscle Media Probably you’ve heard and read about Atkins diet, unless you’ve been living on Mars.  You probably have tried it yourself, or you...