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Ask the Expert: Q&A with Strength and Conditioning Coach Charles Staley

Q: I’ve been reading a lot lately about the benefits of low-bar squats (like what powerlifters use) — in particular I often see the claim...
Muscle Beach-Part2

The History of Muscle Beach – Part 2

Continued from: The History of Muscle Beach Part 1 On an early December morning in 1958, in a move sanctioned by the City of Santa Monica,...

Squats King of Leg Exercises: Maybe Not!

If you ask any athlete what the king of leg exercises is, many will say, “the squat.” For years, bodybuilders have used the squat to...

What is the Best hand position to build a BIG CHEST?

Best hand position to build a BIG CHEST... Narrow, Medium or Wide Grip? What is the best hand position to build a big chest? For the...

HIIT Vs. HIRT – What’s Your Best Bet for Burning Fat?

The king of anaerobic training for fat loss (High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)) versus the king of resistance training fat loss (High Intensity Resistance...