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Muscle Beach-Part2

The History of Muscle Beach – Part 2

Continued from: The History of Muscle Beach Part 1 On an early December morning in 1958, in a move sanctioned by the City of Santa Monica,...
core Developing-a-Strong-Core-Muscle-Media

Developing a Strong Core

Muscle Media   Suppose that at a distance you see a hunched, stooped figure shuffling with short, slow steps. Most likely, you would conclude that the...
fitness Fitness-Can-Save-Your-Life-Muscle-Media

Fitness Can Save Your Life

By Muscle Media   Being physically active can literally save your life!   Being fit can affect every aspect of your life, not just your physical health. ...
Helping Your Kids Lose Weight - Muscle media

Helping Your Kids Lose Weight

By Muscle Media If you want to help your teenage kids to lose weight, here are some tips that may prove helpful: 1. Make losing weight...
back pain Lower-Back-Pain-Relief-With-Exercise

Lower Back Pain Relief With Exercise

By Muscle Media If you’re one of the millions of people that suffer from lower back pain, you need to know that exercise can do...