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If the CPU is considered to be the brain of the computer, then the heart is its’ counterpart in the human body.  That’s why you need to take care of your heart to avoid any complications that may develop due to neglect. Remember that the heart is responsible for feeding all of your musculoskeletal system.  Without muscles, there would be no movement.  Here is a list of exercise equipment that will offer you suggestions to provide some effective exercise options.

Heart rate monitor

Exercise-Equipment-Options-heart-monitor-Muscle-MediaA heart rate monitor is a basic piece of cardio exercise equipment that automatically detects the precise number of heart beats-per-minute.  This is especially useful when you are exercising and to burn calories. It has a chest strap and device that sends a telemetric wireless signal to a display on a wristwatch receiver. A heart rate monitor is designed to help you properly achieve a desired level of training.   It can efficiently track your progress and ensure that you achieve the appropriate level of intensity.  There is no real benefit when your heart rate is too low.   If your heart rate gets too high, there’s a tendency for stress and possible injury.  It would be wise to talk with your physician to determine your target zone.  You want to able to enjoy achieving your weight management, mass development, and complete fitness goals.


Resistance training

Exercise-Options-resistance-Muscle-MediaResistance training is a necessary addition to cardio exercise. There is no better way to strengthen and develop muscle tissues. This training is not only important for beginners.  Providing it is performed in the correct manner, it will even strengthen and develop those that have a lot of training experience. Resistance training will also permit you to gradually work your way up through various levels of resistance. Resistance training is absolutely perfect for muscle rehabilitation and body toning when used on a regular basis. It improves flexibility, coordination, posture, strength and balance necessary to maintain a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Hand grip

equipment Exercise-Equipment-Options-hand-grip-Muscle-MediaA hand grip-strength gauge is a lesser-known piece of exercise equipment.   It is most often used in rehabilitation and post-injury recovery.  It can help develop pain-free movement to the hand, wrist, and forearm.  This is especially useful if your work involves work with a mouse or computer keyboard. This can help those experiencing symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome by regulating the stress placed on the impaired nerves of the wrist. The hand grip-strength gauge can track the dexterity of your joints and enhance mobility of the wrist. While developing proper coordination, it will also track the progress made through neuromuscular training. It will also help train the forearm in both flexion and extension movements.

Balance board

Exercise-Equipment-Options-balance-Muscle-MediaFinally, a balance board is a relatively new piece of exercise equipment.   Many people find it an exciting addition to their workout sessions because it seems like you’re playing an extreme sport. The balance board is shaped like a skateboard.   However, it doesn’t require that you move around.   You remain in one spot, and simply stand on top of it.  There is a bulging rubber ball at the center of the balance board that will challenge you to maintain your equilibrium. It has recently been used by many physical therapists to treat injured ankles and knees.  While trying to maintain your balance, you effectively coordinate the work of many muscle groups, including the core.